Portugal Laurel 140-160cm tall

Portugal Laurel 140-160cm | 4’7″-5’3″ tall in 7.5 litre pots

7.5 litre
4’ 7‌″ – 5’ 3‌″
140 cm – 160 cm

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These Portugal Laurel are top-quality hedging plants that are 1.4-1.6m tall at present.  They are in 7.5 litre pots.

7.5 litre pots are approx 25cm wide by 21cm deep. We recommend a digging square hole approximately 40cm wide by 23cm deep.  Dig over the soil in the bottom of the hole for another 30cm. This ensures the soil in the bottom of the hole is not all compacted, thus allowing the roots of the hedging plants to get into the soil easily. It also allows any excess water to drain especially in the winter months on clay soils.  We recommend mixing our 12-14 month controlled-release fertiliser into the soil in the bottom of the hole when planting. This feed ensures the plants have all the nutrients they need to grow quickly for the first year.

We ship to all parts of England, Wales & Scotland by pallet courier.  We can deliver between 1-5 working days and this can be selected when choosing your order/delivery options. If you order before 11am and select Express Delivery, we can usually deliver the next working day.

When getting ready for loading the plants are carefully packed on to pallets and secured in place and then lightly wrapped to help prevent any damage to the plant, they are then loaded by our staff ready for shipping.

Please note a minimum order of £150.00 is needed for delivery and there is a delivery charge. Please see our Delivery page or add the plants to your basket and the delivery charge will be calculated as you go through the checkout process.

Note: these hedge plants are grown in pots and can be planted any time of the year.

When planting you will need the planting distance to work out how many plants you will need, there is a hedge spacing calculator on our website to help you with this.

As a guide you will need to plant at a distance of 60-100cm depending how quickly you want a hedge.  If planting at 60cm apart you have a fuller hedge quicker but will need more plants. Planting at 100cm apart will give you the same result overall but at slower rate and you will need fewer plants. You can use our Hedge Spacing Calculator to work out how many you need.

When planting we recommend digging a hole 1.5-2 times the width of the root ball and as deep as the plant is in the pot (the ground level should match the pot level on the plant) the earth inside the hole should then be loosened/broken up to help allow the roots to grow in the ground. A fertiliser can be added in to the soil and mixed in before planting (we recommend a 12 month controlled-release fertiliser that we stock in our store).

Once planted water thoroughly and keep well-watered for the first year to ensure optimum results of planting.

See our Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information.

Why plant Portugal or Portuguese Laurel?

An excellent formal evergreen hedge that has the bonus of flowers and in the winter the red stems shine through to give a very welcome colour to the garden.

Portuguese laurel grows up to 50cm a year or 20 inches. The slightly slower growth rate means that the hedge will only need to be cut once per year and will remain tidy with minimal effort.

With the small white flowers appearing in summer it makes a great addition to edge any patio or garden, it can be kept 60cm or 23 inches wide, and will thrive at a metre tall or 2-3 metres tall.

Portuguese laurel is a true evergreen, that creates a solid boundary for privacy and wind protection, thriving in most soils and hardy down to minus 20°C, so this will be a great hedge in most gardens.

We grow these plants in Somerset, and ship nationwide with delivery available for the next working day.

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