Portugal Laurel 180-200cm tall

Portugal Laurel 200-210cm (6’6″-6’11”)

25 litre
6’ 6‌″ – 6’ 11‌″
200 cm – 210 cm

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Portugal Laurel hedging plants in 25 litre pots.

We do not include the pot’s height in the measurement. So when you plant our hedging, it will be the height specified.

They are supplied in a 25 litre pot which measures approximately 37 x 28cm.

To plant, you will need to dig a hole at least 60 x 60cm (2ft) square by 30cm (1ft) deep, break up the ground well and we recommend adding Greenshutters 12 month-controlled release feed.  For more detailed information please see our How to Plant guide or give us a call to discuss, we are here to help you.

Planting distances: Use our Hedge Spacing Calculator to decide how many plants you need. We recommend planting the 180-200cm Laurel plants between 60-100cm apart. (2-3 feet). The closer you plant, the quicker the hedge will establish into a thick, dense screen.

Our plants can be delivered all over the country (except Northern Ireland) by courier in non-returnable pallet crates, delivery cost is calculated when you add plants to your basket and proceed through to the checkout. Our delivery page will give you more information. Delivery is usually within 1-5 working days.

You can choose the day we deliver to you when you get to the checkout section of the website.

Plant height is measured from the top of the rootball (so the height quoted does not include the height of the trough), i.e. the hedge will be the height quoted when planted, as long as it is not planted too deep.

Why Plant a Portugal Laurel Hedge?

It looks good – Portuguese laurel is known for its attractive glossy dark green leaves and contrasting red stems in winter, which can be pruned to create a formal appearance, adding an elegant and classic look to your garden, providing a backdrop for other plants.  Alternatively, it can be left to grow into an informal shrub with beautiful white, fragrant flowers in late spring/early summer.

Privacy and Screening: Portugal or Portuguese laurel (Prunus lusitanica) is an evergreen shrub that can grow into a dense and tall hedge, providing excellent privacy and screening from neighbours or unwanted views. Its thick foliage creates a solid barrier, ensuring that your outdoor space remains secluded.

Easy to grow: It can grow in various growing conditions. It can tolerate both full sun and partial shade, making it suitable for different areas of your garden. Portugal Laurel also grows well in a wide range of soil types, as long as it is not water-logged for long periods in the winter.

It creates a wildlife habitat: The dense foliage of Portuguese laurel provides a sheltered habitat for birds and small animals. It’s flowers are good for bees and butterflies and its berries are good for feeding the birds, therefore enhancing biodiversity in your garden.

Noise & Air Pollution Reduction: The dense foliage of a Portugal laurel hedge can help reduce noise from nearby roads, neighbours, or other sources. It acts as a sound barrier, providing a quieter and more peaceful outdoor space.  It will also filter out some of the particulates from vehicles if you live next to a road, improving the quality of the air that you breathe!

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