Portugal Laurel instant hedge 60-90cm tall

Portugal Laurel 60-90cm tall | Instant Trough | 1 metre long

September 21, 2023

These are Portugal Laurel hedging troughs are 1 metre long and should be planted one trough per metre.  There are a number of plants in each trough trimmed to make them fill out into a ready hedge. The trough size is approximately 100cm x 20cm x 17cm To plant, dig a trench approximately 45cm (18cm) […]

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Portugal Laurel Hedging Plant 120-135cm tall

Portugal Laurel 120-135cm | 4’0″-4’6″ tall in 7.5 litre pots

August 9, 2023

These Portuguese Laurel are bushy, top-quality hedging plants that are 1.2-1.35m tall at present (approx 4ft tall). They are in 7.5 litre pots. 7.5 litre pots are approx 25cm wide by 21cm deep. We recommend a digging square hole approximately 40cm wide by 23cm deep.  Dig over the soil in the bottom of the hole […]

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Portugal Laurel 180-200cm in 25 litre pots

Portugal Laurel 180-200cm | 6’0″-6’6″ | 25 litre pots

July 19, 2023

Portugal Laurel hedging plants in 25 litre pots. We do not include the pot’s height in the measurement. So when you plant our hedging, it will be the height specified. They are supplied in a 25 litre pot which measures approximately 37 x 28cm. To plant, you will need to dig a hole at least […]

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Leylandii 2001 325-250cm tall

Leylandii 2001 Green | 325-350cm | 10’8″- 11’6″ tall | 45 litre bags

July 6, 2023

These are Leylandii 2001 hedging plants in 45 litre tree bags. They are currently between 3.25m and 3.5m tall. PLEASE NOTE: These plants will be shipped in our van due to their size. Please call 01460 281265 or email for a delivery quote. We have a minimum order of 4 plants, as the delivery […]

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Portugal Laurel-170-180cm instant-hedge

Portugal Laurel 180-200cm | Instant Trough | 1 metre long

July 5, 2023

These are Portugal Laurel instant hedging troughs that are 180-200cm in height. They are in 90 litre troughs which are 1 metre long by 30cm wide and 30cm deep. We deliver on pallet courier throughout the UK (except Northern Ireland). Prices include VAT but not the cost of delivery. or delivery charges, see our Delivery page or […]

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Haws - Hawthorn Berries

The Environmental Benefits of Planting a Hedge

February 27, 2023

The Royal Horticulutral Society (RHS) are strongly encouraging gardeners and homeowners to swap their fences for hedges, as they begin their study into which species are best for tackling the climate crisis and pollution. There are various environmental benefits of planting a hedge, as oppose to fences or walls. These benefits include, but are not […]

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Melcourt Sylvagrow with added John Innes

Melcourt Sylvagrow with John Innes | Peat Free Compost | 50 litre

February 2, 2023

Melcourt Sylvagrow Peat Free Compost | 40 litre

3 Griselinia Troughs Instant Hedge

Instant Hedging Troughs | Ready-grown hedges | NEW!

January 30, 2023

Firstly, what is an instant hedging trough? Instant hedging troughs are multiple plants that have been grown together for a period of time, usually over 2 years, in trough-bags typically one metre in length. The hedging plants have been trimmed and pruned a number of times to encourage them to form of a solid hedge […]

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Native Hedging Instant Trough

Mixed Native Hedging Troughs 120-150cm | 4’0″-4’11” tall | 1m long

January 17, 2023

Mixed Native Hedging Troughs. These are a 1 metre length of instant hedging and are currently approx between 1.2m and 1.5m tall (4ft to 4ft 11in tall) from the top of the rootball to the top of the hedge. They are a mixture of Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), Field Maple (Acer campestre) and Hazel (Corylus avellana) […]

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Griselinia instant hedging troughs 150-165cm tall

Griselinia littoralis 150-165cm tall | Instant Trough | 1 metre long

January 11, 2023

Griselinia littoralis instant hedging troughs. These troughs are 1 metre long in 90 litre troughs and have been trimmed into a hedge. Still shipping as normal. Delivery within 1-5 working days, please choose your delivery date during the checkout process. We recommend planting 1 trough per metre (3’3″) for an instant hedge. Please note: we […]

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Portugal Laurel Instant Hedge | 140-160cm tall

Portugal Laurel 150-170cm tall | Instant Trough | 1 metre long

These are Portugal Laurel 150-170cm tall instant hedging troughs. These troughs are 1 metre long in 90 litre troughs and have been trimmed into a hedge. We can usually deliver within 1-3 working days depending on your location. Express Delivery can usually be delivered next working day for orders placed before 10.30am (ring us if […]

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