Why Autumn is a Good Time to Plant Hedging

Autumn planting

Autumn is a great time to plant hedging. The advantage of planting in autumn is that the soil has near-perfect conditions. It is warm, moist and easy to dig. This gives the hedging plants enough time to begin establishing their roots before winter. This means when spring arrives, they will be in an ideal position to flourish. A better root establishment means healthier plants.

Another advantage of planting in autumn is that for the next few months hedging plants will need minimal maintenance. With the temperature gradually decreasing and rainfall increasing, young plants will not require the same amount of watering as they would in the summer. In winter, they should not need any watering at all. Yet in mild spells during autumn, winter and spring, they will establish a good root system if they have been planted well.

Gardeners can make it even easier for themselves if they also apply our 12 month controlled-release feed. This can be mixed into the soil in the planting hole. It will provide the hedging with all the nutrients that the plants need for the first year. This means when the hedging plants emerge from dormancy, and their shoots start to grow, they will immediately have nourishing soil all around them

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