Which Is The Perfect Hedge For You?

Best Evergreen Hedge Comparison

When choosing the perfect hedge to invest in for your garden, you need to ask yourself: ‘What is the intended function of my hedge?’. Is it privacy and security? Appearance? Seasonal? Low maintenance? Quick growth? No matter what your priorities are, we have the perfect hedge for you, and this is your how-to-guide to help you pick the right one for you!

Privacy and Security 

Laurel is an exceptional plant for rapid hedging and privacy use. It provides a thick, lush, dense, glossy, dark green hedge, which provides instant screening all year round, grows fast and suits many types of soil. Leylandii offers a rapid solution for a privacy hedge at a very reasonable price, while keeping its foliage all year round, which is ideal for autumn and winter months. If trimmed every year, they form a much denser screen, guaranteeing privacy for you and your family. Portugal Laurel grows in all free draining soils in full sun or shade. They are hardy so can withstand the coldest of winters (-20°C) without losing their leaves – so perfect for maintaining privacy all year-round, even in the coldest of conditions! Thuja plants are extremely hardy and will tolerate strong winds and temperatures down to -25°C, so another hedge that is perfect for maintaining that winter privacy.


As you can see above, a range of our hedges thrive in both warm and cold conditions, making them a versatile selection. To name a few, the hedges which thrive most in colder conditions (which after all is when customers are most conscious of their gardens dying) is Portugal Laurel (-20 °C), Thuja (-25°C) and Griselinia (-13°C). Having a hedge that can withstand all weather conditions is essential – especially in the UK when one day it’s balmy and the next day it’s tipping it down!


At Evergreen Hedging, we offer a wide range of varied looking hedges – from conifers to big-leafed hedges, we have something that will match the appearance and vibe of your garden. Our conifers include, but are not limited to, Leylandii and Thuja. Whereas our big-leafed hedges include, Laurel and Griselinia. With hedges you are able to trim and style them as much as you feel works best for you (with your neighbours in mind!), which gives you endless options for selecting your hedge based on appearance.

Low Maintenance 

Many of our hedges offer low maintenance, like getting it trimmed annually. For example, Laurel hedges can be trimmed into formal box-shaped hedges or can be left to create a more natural hedge. They only need to be trimmed annually, and can be cut back hard if overgrown, where they will regenerate from old wood. However, there are laws surrounding the maintenance of fast-growing trees, such as Leylandii, and whilst they are an ideal solution for hedging that can be kept at any height, do be aware that you need to maintain a reasonable height where they are near neighbours to avoid becoming a nuisance to others – so trim them each year for a much denser screen.

Quick growth 

Want a hedge ready for the summer months? Well Evergreen Hedging can offer you variety of fast-growing hedges. Laurel is our fastest growing non-conifer, which grows up to 2 metres per year, and Leylandii is a fast-growing conifer adding 1 metre to itself per year. Speedy growth equates to immediate privacy, garden lushness and seasonal versatility.

 As you can see our hedges are extremely multi-functional, so for more information or guidance on what hedge is best for you and your needs, then please get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you and be delighted to answer questions you may have!    

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