The Fastest Growing Hedge For You

Leylandii 2001 foliage

Various factors can be taken into account when determining the fastest growing hedge for you and your garden; from soil types to weather conditions to hardiness.

Calculating the growing speed of hedges is done by what is the fastest growing in their best growing environments; that means giving plants what they need to grow at their maximum rates – water, nutrients, sunlight, free-draining soil and warmth. This will take you through growing rates of our hedges in their BEST conditions (they are listed in rate of growth).

It is important to get your hedge trimmed when recommended, as if a hedge is allowed to grow too tall, especially where there is competition for nutrients and water from hedging plants planted together, it will often shed the lower leaves/needles. It is also much easier to trim a hedge that is kept to a reasonable height.


Our fastest growing hedge is Leylandii, which grows up to 1 metre (3ft) per year. It will grow in wet, heavy clay soils but not soils that become water-logged and both full sun or partial shade. It survives a hardiness of -25 °C to 30°C. Known for its weather adaptability (which is definitely needed for the unpredictability of British weather), Leylandii is one of our most popular hedging plants. If left untrimmed it will grow to over 30m (100ft). Keeping it trimmed regularly will allow the foliage to stay dense, down to ground level at it can be kept at any height.

Western Red Cedar 

Thuja plicata, more commonly known as Western Red Cedar can grow up to 75cm (2ft6in) per year, with a hardiness of -25°C. It will grow in all soils, except those that are waterlogged for long periods of time. It can be trimmed to any height but if left untrimmed, it can reach a height of up to 30m (100ft).

Castlewellan Gold & Excalibur Gold 

Other hedges from the Leylandii family, such as Castlewellan Gold can grow up to 75cm (2ft6in) per year and Excalibur Gold up to 60cm (2ft) per year. They are both hardy down to -25°C. They will grow in any free-draining (not waterlogged) soil, in full sun or partial shade. For the sake of appearances, keep in mind that the foliage will be more golden in full sun and pale green in shade. If left untrimmed they can grow up to 25m (75ft).


Laurel wears the crown for the fastest growing, evergreen, non-conifer hedge, with a speed of growth of up to 60cm (2ft) per year. It is hardy down to -20°C. It grows in most soil conditions (except shallow chalky or very wet soils), which offers almost entire versatility. We offer the Laurel in varied starting sizes. They will grow in the full sun or in shade, as long as it is watered while it is establishing a root system. Laurel is probably the best evergreen hedging plant for growing in the shade. If left untrimmed it can reach a height of up to 6m (18ft).

Portuguese or Portugal Laurel 

Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia) is the next fastest growing non-conifer, evergreen hedging plant after Laurel.  It will grow in any soil that is not waterlogged for long periods and will survive down to temperatures of -23°C. It will grow up to 50cm per year (20 inches) under the best conditions.


Griselinia, like Portuguese Laurel, grows up to 50cm (20 inches) per year, with a hardiness of -15°C.  It can grow in any free-draining soil in sun or partial shade. It can also grow by the sea as it tolerates salt from coastal exposure. If left untrimmed it can reach a height of 4m (12ft) but can be trimmed back to any height.

As you can see our all our fast-growing hedges offer benefits (some different to each other and some correlating). But the one thing they do all offer is versatility; from soil type to weather conditions. At Evergreen Hedging, we can help you pick the fastest growing hedge that is right for your garden! If you would like any further guidance on choosing your perfect hedge, please get in touch with us today!

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