Portugal Laurel Instant Hedge | 140-160cm tall

Portugal Laurel 150-170cm tall | Instant Trough | 1 metre long

4’ 11‌″ – 5’ 7‌″
150 cm – 170 cm

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These are Portuguese Laurel instant hedging troughs. These troughs are 1 metre long in 90 litre troughs and have been trimmed into a hedge.

We can usually deliver within 1-3 working days depending on your location. Express Delivery can usually be delivered next working day for orders placed before 10.30am (ring us if you are later than this and we might be able to still get it to you) or 2-3 working days on Standard Delivery. The delivery charge will be calculated as you go through the checkout process or to know how it works, see our Delivery page.

We recommend planting 1 trough per metre (3’3″) for an instant hedge. Just dig a trench approximately 60cm wide and 30cm deep and dig over the soil in the bottom of the trench so it is not compacted. Just take the troughs out of their trough bags and put them in the trench and back fill with soil and or compost.  If you use our 12-month Controlled-release feed, they will have all the nutrients they need for a year. For more planting advice please see our Advice Page.

Please note: we measure height from the top of the compost in the trough to the top of the plant. Heights quoted will be the height of the plants on delivery. The eventual height of the hedge will depend on pruning.

All prices are per 1 metre trough and include VAT but not delivery.

See our Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information.

The Benefits of a Portuguese Laurel Hedge

Portuguese laurel hedging is a popular choice for homeowners and gardeners due to its many benefits. These include:

  • Evergreen: Portuguese laurel is an evergreen shrub, which means it keeps its leaves all year round. This provides year-round privacy and screening, as well as winter protection for wildlife.
  • Dense: Portuguese laurel is a dense shrub, which means it provides good privacy and screening. This is due to its thick, overlapping leaves.
  • Easy to care for: Portuguese laurel is a relatively easy shrub to care for. It is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and can tolerate some shade. It also does not require regular watering or fertilizer.
  • Attracts wildlife: Portuguese laurel is a popular shrub for wildlife, including birds, bees, and butterflies. This is due to its flowers and berries.

Overall, Portuguese laurel hedging is a good choice for homeowners and gardeners who are looking for an evergreen, quick-growing, dense, easy-care shrub that provides privacy and screening.

Here are some additional benefits of Portuguese laurel hedging:

  • Reduces noise pollution: The dense foliage of Portuguese laurel hedges can help to reduce noise pollution from traffic, neighbours, and other sources.
  • Reduces air pollution: The foliage of any hedge will filter out some of the particulates from diesel cars and lorries that pass by your house.
  • Provides windbreak: Portuguese laurel hedges can also act as a windbreak, helping to reduce wind damage to your property and plants.
  • Creates a focal point: Portuguese laurel hedges can be used to create a focal point in your garden or landscape. They make a good formal hedge that can be shaped into different forms, such as a square, rectangle, or circle.

Here are some additional details about Portuguese laurel hedging:

  • Scientific name: Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia
  • Common names: Portuguese laurel, Portugal laurel
  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Height: 15-20 feet (5-7 metres) if left untrimmed but they can be kept as small as 1m (3ft) tall with regular trimming
  • Flower colour: White
  • Flowering time: Late spring
  • Berry colour: Red/Black
  • Time of berries: Autumn
  • Soil type: Any free-draining soil
  • Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shade
  • Watering needs: Water regularly, especially during the first year after planting

Overall, Portuguese laurel hedging is a beautiful and versatile plant that can be used to create a variety of landscape features in your garden.

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