Photinia Red Robin in a 5 litre pot

Photinia Red Robin 60-80cm | 2’0″-2’7″ | in 5 litre pots

5 litre
2’ 0‌″ – 2’ 7‌″
60 cm – 80 cm

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These Photinia Red Robin plants are currently 60-80cm tall. The heights are measured from the top of the pot to the top of the plant.

These will arrive in 5 litre pots (23cm wide x 18cm tall). We recommend digging a planting hole one and a half to double the pot width but as deep as the pot height (up to 46cm wide x 18cm deep).  Make sure you dig over the soil in the bottom of the hole so it is not compacted and the roots can get into the soil easily. For more information on how to plant, please see our Advice Page.

We recommend spacing them from 60cm apart (2 feet). Planting 60cm (2ft) apart will fill the gaps in between the hedging plants most quickly. If you can’t work out how many you need, use our Hedge Spacing Calculator to help you work it out.

Our hedging plants can be delivered to all parts of the UK except Northern Ireland. Your plants will usually arrive in a lorry in a wooden pallet crate. We can deliver them within 2-3 days (choose Standard Delivery) or 1-2 days (choose Express Delivery).  For delivery charges, you can see our Delivery page or add the plants to your basket and the delivery charge will be calculated as you go through the checkout process.

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The main reasons for planting a Photinia Red Robin hedge:

Photinia Red Robin can make a good hedge with bright red new growth. Here are some factors to consider:

Appearance: Photinia hedges are known for their vibrant, reddish new foliage that adds a splash of colour to your garden or outdoor space. The young leaves mature to a glossy dark green. This evergreen nature ensures year-round screening and privacy.

Growth Rate: Photinia generally has a moderate to fast growth rate, allowing it to establish a hedge relatively quickly. Regular pruning can help maintain the desired height and shape.

Maintenance and Density: Photinia hedges need to be trimmed regularly (at least twice a year) to keep them dense, otherwise they can become a bit more open than other evergreen hedges such as Laurel, Portugal Laurel or Griselinia.  The regularly trimming with ensure new shoots are produced and this also means you will get more flushes of vibrant red leaves.

Soil and Sun Requirements: Most Photinia varieties prefer well-drained soil and full sun or partial shade to thrive. However, they can tolerate a range of soil conditions.

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