Leylandii (Green) 210-240cm | Batch of 10 | Landscape Quality

10 litre
6’ 11‌″ – 7’ 10‌″
210 cm – 240 cm

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Product Description

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These plants are reduced because they are not up to our usual top quality. They are what we call Landscape Quality. A very limited number of batches available.

This is a batch of 10 plants.

They are thinner than usual (not as bushy) and may also be paler green in colour as they are running out of feed in the pot. They will green up to a dark green again once planted out. To speed this up, you could feed them with our 12-14 month controlled-release fertiliser. They may also be “wonky”, meaning they don’t have a straight stem. This will not matter in the long run, as once they form a hedge, you will not be able to see the wonky stem.

All our Landscape Quality plants are healthy and will form a good hedge but it will take a bit longer than with our usual top quality plants.

We measure all our plants from the top of the pot to the top of the plant so they will be the height stated when planted (unless you plant them too deep!).

All our prices include VAT but do not include delivery. We deliver using pallet couriers and the delivery charge will depend on how many plants you order and your delivery postcode. Please add your plants to the basket and go through to the checkout process. The delivery charge will be calculated at this stage. You can also choose your delivery date.

Price includes VAT but not delivery.

Please note that the picture is of an established hedge. The plants will be delivered as individual plants, not as an established hedge. They will form a dense hedge over time.

Please see our FAQs for further information.

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