Leylandii 2001 3m tall

Leylandii [2001 Green] 300-325cm (9’10”-10’8″)

25 litres
9’ 10‌″ – 10’ 8‌″
300 cm – 325 cm

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These Leylandii 2001 hedging plants are 3.0-3.25m tall in 25 litre pots. They are home-grown by us on our two nurseries in Somerset, so are British-grown.

These plants are reduced in price to clear a few stock.

IMPORTANT: These plants are too tall to be shipped on single pallets. They need to be shipped in double pallet crates. Double pallet crates are 2.4m long by 1.2m wide so will not come off the back of the lorry on a tail-lift. They will need to be taken off by hand or the double pallet will need to be unloaded using a forklift or telehandler.  The individual plants weigh up to 35kg so the lorry driver will not be permitted to help unload the plants. Please ensure you have two people to help unload by hand. If you need to book a delivery slot, please give us a call on 01460 281265 (option 2) to discuss this. There is an additional delivery charge for a timed delivery.  Alternatively, if you are local to us or are ordering a larger quantity, it may be more economical for us to deliver in our own vehicle, please give us a call to discuss the options.

We have a minimum order of 4 plants.

25 litre pots are approx 37cm wide by 28cm deep. We recommend a minimum hole size of 60cm wide (square) by 30cm deep.

We recommend that you plant these Leylandii 2001 between 60 and 100cm apart (2-3ft) depending how quick you want the plants to fill in and form a dense screen. Plant at 60cm (2ft) apart if you want a quick screen or 100cm (3ft) apart if you are willing to wait a bit longer for the hedge to form. A good compromise is 75cm (2’6″) apart. You can use our Hedge Spacing Calculator to work out how many you need.

Delivery usually within 1-5 working days, please choose your delivery date during the checkout process.

Please note: we measure height from the top of the rootball to the top of the plant. Heights quoted will be the height of the plants on delivery. The eventual height of the hedge will depend on pruning.

Prices are per plant and include VAT but not delivery. For delivery charges, see our Delivery page or add the plants to your basket and the delivery charge will be calculated as you go through the checkout process.

What is Leylandii 2001?

Leylandii 2001 is a variety of Leyland cypress similar to the traditional Leylandii. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Leylandii 2001 and the standard variety of Leylandii once it has formed a hedge, it is a similar colour dark green. Leylandii 2001 is a hybrid of two cypress species, Cupressus macrocarpa and Chamaecyparis nootkatensis. It was created in the Netherlands in 2001 and is known for its fast growth rate, dense foliage, and evergreen habit. Leylandii 2001 is a popular choice for hedging and screening, as it can be grow to form a dense hedge in a relatively short amount of time. It is also relatively easy to care for and is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and climates.

Here are some additional details about Leylandii 2001:

  • Scientific name: Cupressocyparis leylandii ‘2001’
  • Common names: Leylandii 2001, Leyland cypress
  • Family: Cupressaceae
  • Soil type: Any soil (except soils that become waterlogged for periods over the winter)
  • Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shade
  • Watering needs: Water regularly, especially during the first year after planting

Overall, Leylandii 2001 is a beautiful and versatile plant that can be used to create a variety of landscape features in your garden. It is important to be aware of the potential hazards associated with Leylandii 2001 before planting it, but with proper care, it can be a valuable addition to your property.

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