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3 Griselinia Troughs Instant Hedge

Firstly, what is an instant hedging trough? Instant hedging troughs are multiple plants that have been grown together for a period of time, usually over 2 years, in trough-bags typically one metre in length. The hedging plants have been trimmed and pruned a number of times to encourage them to form of a solid hedge unit or a ready-grown hedge.

The main benefit when it comes to the hedging troughs is their instant ability to create a dense and good-looking screen that looks like it has been established for a number of years. This is achieved by careful and repetitive trimming of the hedging troughs so that they bush out and intertwine. A dense and closely knit hedge means that there is no need to wait for it to fully bush out and screen the gap that you are trying to fill.  This makes the whole process of planning, buying, shipping, planting, and aftercare much faster and simpler for you.  Just dig a trench approximately 50-60cm wide, cut or pull the canvas trough-bags off the hedging troughs and place the trough in the trench so the top of the rootball is just below (1-2cm) the surface of the soil. Fill the soil back in down each side of the trough into the trench and firm with your foot.  It’s as easy as that.  You now have an instant hedge!

Our ready-grown hedging troughs can be bought in different sizes to create your perfect size and look. They can also be used as excellent gap fillers – with a length of 1m they are perfect for filling in gateways or holes in existing hedges or fences, for example where a car has gone through a hedge. They instantly create a screen and blend into the existing hedge line giving you more instant privacy.

The dense nature of the instant hedging troughs creates an instantly attractive and protective habitat for wildlife, including nesting sites for birds or sites for insects to develop a home in the soil around them, both of which in turn help the hedge to grow even better as the processes of worms and other insects are the perfect partners for a hedge.  Flowers are produced by most of the plant species making up the instant hedges and these are a source of nectar for bees. Berries are also produced by many of the hedging plants and these provide food for birds and other wildlife.

We have different types of instant hedging troughs created with different species of plants.  Evergreen plants (ones that keep a leaves all year around) such as Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia) and Griselinia are available in different heights (all our troughs are 1m long).  Hornbeam and Mixed Native Hedging Plants are also available as instant hedging troughs.  Hornbeam holds some of its leaves in winter to form a screen and keep some privacy. Mixed Native Hedging Troughs are predominantly made of Hawthorn, Hazel and Field Maple which are deciduous (lose their leaves in winter).  Hawthorn, Hazel and Field Maple are fantastic for habitat, flowers and food for wildlife.

See our Instant Hedging page for prices and sizes.

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