When Can I Plant a Hedge and What Time Of Year is Best?

When can I plant a hedge and what time of year is best?

You can plant container or pot-grown hedging plants at any time of year as long as you water any that are planted during the growing season – which is generally March to October – for the first year.

All of our Leylandii and Laurel hedging plants that are for sale now are grown in pots (pot-grown) and so can be planted now, during the summer months.

Hedges planted in the autumn and winter have a longer time to get their roots established in the soil while the soil is moist and will need less watering, if any at all, in the summer months – so this is a good time to plant if you are not able to water your newly planted hedging plants.

From November to March, we have rootballed Laurel plants available – these are plants that are dug straight from the field with a ball of soil around the roots, the “rootball” is then wrapped in hessian cloth that keeps the soil from falling off. Rootballed plants can only be dug from the field when the plants have stopped growing from November to March. We cannot dig plants out of the soil once the plants start growing again in late spring so we pot thousands of Laurel plants up during the winter and early spring so they have a good root system established in the pot for planting during the late spring and summer months. We have great discounted prices on these extra bushy fast-growing Laurel plants now (see picture above). Click here to see the offers. We can deliver Laurel and Leylandii hedging plants all over the UK.

Leylandii do not survive well if planted as bare-root so we have pot-grown plants available all year round.

Bare-root, native hedging plants are available from Greenshutters Garden Centre (near Taunton in Somerset) from December to March. Bare-root trees and plants are generally deciduous (lose their leaves in the winter) and are dug from the field when they have dropped their leaves. The soil is shaken or washed off the plants and so the roots are “bare”. These hedging plants can be planted from December to March.

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