Thuja plicata 8ft tall

Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar) 240-250cm | 7’10”-8’3″ | 15 litre pots

15 litre
7’ 10‌″ – 8’ 3‌″
240 cm – 250 cm

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These Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) are between 2.4m and 2.5m tall and are in 15 litre pots. They can be planted at any time of year.  If you plant in the spring or summer, you will need to water them regularly for the first growing season (March to October).

15 litre pots are approximately 30cm wide by 25cm deep. We recommend digging a hole a minimum of 45cm wide (square) by 30cm deep. In the bottom of the hole, dig over the soil to break it up. This ensures it is not compacted so the roots of the hedging plants can get into the soil easily and any excess rain or watering can drain. We recommend adding our 12-14 month controlled release fertiliser that will feed your Thuja plicata for over a year, providing all the nutrients they need. Sprinkle 100g of controlled-release feed in the hole, remove the pot, lower the rootball of the plant into the hole and fill back in with soil. Firm with your heel to ensure the plants are anchored well. Water your plants well and keep them watered from March to October in their first year. You may need to stake your plants if they are in a windy location.

We recommend planting between 60 and 100cm apart (2-3ft) depending how quick you want the plants to fill in and form a dense screen. Plant at 60cm (2ft) apart if you want a quick screen or 100cm (3ft) apart if you are willing to wait a bit longer for the hedge to form. A good compromise is 75cm (2’6″) apart. You can use our Hedge Spacing Calculator to work out how many you need.

Please note: we measure height from the top of the rootball to the top of the plant. Heights quoted will be the height of the plants on delivery. The eventual height of the hedge will depend on pruning.

Prices are per plant and include VAT but not delivery. For delivery charges, see our Delivery page or add the plants to your basket and the delivery charge will be calculated as you go through the checkout process.

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The top qualities of Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar)

  • Thuja plicata is an evergreen conifer, meaning it will keep its foliage year-round, which is ideal for providing privacy.
  • Thuja plicata has fragranced, dark green foliage that turns bronze in cold winters, giving an attractive seasonal change.
  • Unlike most conifers, Thuja plicata can re-shoot from old wood, making it much easier to maintain.
  • Thuja plicata is exceptionally hardy, as it can grow in any soil except water-logged soil and withstand temperatures down to -25°
  • It is ideal as a hedge or grown as a specimen, due to its easy maintenance and natural form.
  • Due to its dense growth, it makes a suitable shelter for wildlife.
  • When grown as a hedge, Thuja creates a natural windbreak with its thick foliage, which helps to protect plants and buildings from wind damage.
  • Thuja plicata has a particularly quick growth rate of 75-90cm (2ft 6in to 3ft) per year and can be kept trimmed to as small as 1.2m (4ft).

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