Portugal Laurel 125-150cm | 4’1″- 4’11” | Rootballed

4’ 11‌″ – 5’ 7‌″
150 cm – 170 cm

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FLASH SALE UNTIL 12th APRIL 2022. Chosen delivery date must be by 13th April 2022.  These are rootballed plants and need to be planted by mid April at the latest.

Please choose your delivery date during the ordering process.

These are also called Prunus lusitanica ‘Myrtifolia’ or Portuguese Laurel.

Bushy rootballed Portuguese Laurel hedging plants that are 5 years old.

These hedging plants are rootballed.  That means they are dug from the field with a ball of soil around the roots. They are wrapped in a hessian sack and can be planted as they are from November to March.

We recommend planting 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart depending on how quick you would like the plants to form a screen. Planting 2ft apart creates a quicker screen.

NB We measure height from the top of pot to the top of the plant.

If there are not enough in stock when you try and place the order, please ring 01460 281265, we will have more stock available.

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