Leylandii (Green) | 325-350cm | 10’8″-11’5″ | 25 litre

25 litre
10’ 8‌″ – 11’ 5‌″
325 cm – 350 cm

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These plants are too tall to be delivered using our standard method.  As a result, we need to price delivery individually. Please call 01460 281265 between 9am and 5.30pm (10am-4pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays) to get a quote for delivery or email us at sales@evergreenhedging.co.uk letting us know how many you require and your postcode.

These leylandii are in 25 litre pots which are approximately 35cm in diameter by 28cm deep. We recommend a hole at least 55cm wide (preferably square) by 30cm deep. Break up the soil in the bottom of the hole with a spade or fork for at least another 30cm depth. This allows the roots of the plants to get into the soil easily and allows any excess water to drain. We also recommend using our commercial controlled-release fertiliser that lasts for 12 months and has all the nutrients the leylandii need for the first year. Recommended rate for these plants is 100g per plant.

These leylandii can be planted at 1 metre (3ft) apart but if you want a quicker screen, then plant them at 60cm (2ft) apart as long as you are not going to let them grow more than about 4 metres tall.

NB We measure height from the top of pot to the top of the plant.

Price includes VAT but not delivery.

Picture of established hedge shown. Individual plants will be sent. See our FAQs for further information.

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