Leylandii [Green] 160-180cm (5’3″-5’11”)

10 litre
5’ 3‌″ – 5’ 11‌″
160 cm – 180 cm

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Leylandii (Green) hedging plants in 10 litre pots.

10 litre pots are approx 28cm wide by 23cm deep. We recommend a minimum hole size of 42cm wide (square) by 25cm deep.

Delivery within 1-5 working days, please choose your delivery date during the checkout process.

We recommend planting Leylandii between 60 and 100cm apart (2-3ft) depending how quick you want the plants to fill in and form a dense screen. Plant at 60cm (2ft) apart if you want a quick screen or 100cm (3ft) apart if you are willing to wait a bit longer for the hedge to form. A good compromise is 75cm (2’6″) apart. You can use our Hedge Spacing Calculator to work out how many you need.

Please note: we measure height from the top of the rootball to the top of the plant. Heights quoted will be the height of the plants on delivery. The eventual height of the hedge will depend on pruning.

Prices are per plant and include VAT but not delivery. For delivery charges, see our Delivery page or add the plants to your basket and the delivery charge will be calculated as you go through the checkout process.

Why use Leylandii for hedging?

The first reason to choose Leylandii is that it is evergreen. This means it does not drop its leaves in winter, but instead keeps them all year providing shelter and privacy 365 days a year.

The next reason is its speed of growth. They are the fastest-growing, evergreen hedging plant available. When planted in the ground, it can grow up to 1 metre (3ft) a year.  If you want privacy as quickly as possible Leylandii is the best choice, especially if starting with smaller plants, although some of our Instant Hedges can provide a more immediate effect. If you want a tall hedge, Leylandii will grow quickest of any evergreen hedging plant.

Thirdly, Leylandii is the least expensive hedging compared to other hedging plants of similar sizes. For example, a 6ft Leylandii is often around half the price of a 6ft Laurel, Portugal Laurel or Griselinia. So, Leylandii is a great budget option as well as being the fastest.

A fourth reason is that they are easy to maintain at any height if trimmed regularly. Looking after Leylandii is the same as all other hedging plants. This means you just need to trim your hedge every year, normally in spring or early summer (check no birds are nesting), back to the same height and width as you want them. They can also be trimmed again in August.  If you trim lightly twice a year, it is easier to do.

A fifth advantage is they are tough hardy plants. They don’t need any winter protection and, when established, they will stand up to strong winds and provide excellent shelter in exposed areas. They can also grow in any soil apart from waterlogged soils.

Finally, Leylandii also offers benefits to those living near busy roads. They are the best hedging to filter out particulates from passing traffic, meaning they block air pollution from cars and keep the air in your garden cleaner. They make a fantastic sound barrier, so even the sound of heavy traffic is reduced in your garden.

To sum up, Leylandii are cheap, quick and easy plants to form a hedge that is also simple to maintain, and which will give shelter from wind and improve the air quality around your garden all through the year.

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