Laurel Hedge close up

Laurel Hedging Plants 200-210cm (6’6″-6’11”)

25 litres
6’ 6‌″ – 6’ 11‌″
200 cm – 210 cm

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Bushy Laurel hedging plants in 25 litre pots. These are amazing value at this reduced price. We need to make space on the nursery so these are reduced to clear.

25 litre pots are approx 37cm wide by 28cm deep. We recommend a minimum hole size of 56cm wide (square) by 30cm deep.

We recommend planting between 60 and 100cm apart (2-3ft) depending how quick you want the plants to fill in and form a dense screen. Plant at 60cm (2ft) apart if you want a quick screen or 100cm (3ft) apart if you are willing to wait a bit longer for the hedge to form. A good compromise is 75cm (2’6″) apart. You can use our Hedge Spacing Calculator to work out how many you need.

Please note: we measure height from the top of the rootball to the top of the plant. Heights quoted will be the height of the plants on delivery. The eventual height of the hedge will depend on pruning.

Prices are per plant and include VAT but not delivery.

We ship nationwide and the delivery estimate times are 1-5 working days. This can be selected when choosing your order/delivery options.

When ready for loading, the plants are carefully packed onto pallets and secured in place and then lightly wrapped to help prevent any damage to the hedging plants, they are then loaded onto lorries by our staff for shipping.

Please note a minimum order of £150.00 of plants is needed for delivery and there is a delivery charge. For delivery charges, see our Delivery page or add the plants to your basket and the delivery charge will be calculated as you go through the checkout process.

Cherry Laurel is the next fastest-growing hedge after conifers but these bushy Laurel will create a dense 6-8ft hedge more quickly as they are already established.

Laurel has large attractive glossy leaves and comes out in long clusters of white flowers which then turn to berries.

This is a relatively cheap way of creating an immediate hedge as you can use larger, bushier plants and plant closer together for immediate effect.

These plants are able to be hardly pruned if they become to overgrown making them a good choice if you are not a regular pruner, they are also tolerant of wind, making them a good choice for open or exposed areas.

These are fast growing and will grow up to 2ft (60cm) per year and can get to a height of around 15ft in total.

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