Leylandii – Seven reasons why it is still so popular

Leylandii – Seven reasons why it is still so popular

“Is Leylandii still popular?” is a question I often get asked. The answer is “Yes”. We sell more Leylandii than any other hedging plant and the reasons are simple:

1. Leylandii are quick-growing and, generally, people don’t want to wait for years for a hedge to grow. They want privacy or to screen off something unsightly as quickly as possible.

2. Because Leylandii are fast-growing, they are cheaper for the equivalent height plant than many other hedging plants.

3. Leylandii are evergreen and so create a screen all year round, unlike deciduous hedging plants such as Beech, Hawthorn, Hornbeam or mixtures of native hedging plants.

4. It makes an excellent dense hedge than can be kept at the required height as long as it is trimmed back at least once every year – and the lower you keep it, the easier it is to prune.

5. It is a hardy plant that will take very cold, windy sites.

6. It will grow in just about any soil including clay soils – although it won’t grow in water-logged soils but not much will apart from Willow and Poplar.

7. Because the foliage of Leylandii is dense, it filters out noise and pollution well.

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