Month: August 2020


Best Evergreen Hedges | Top 5 Plants for a Garden Hedge

August 30, 2020

An evergreen hedge in your garden can provide you with year-round interest and privacy, filter out noise and pollution as well creating as a great habitat for nature for the forthcoming months. Pot-grown evergreen hedging plants can be planted at any time during the year, but they do need to be well watered during the […]

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My fence has blown down in these high wind

My fence has blown down in these high winds. Should I replace it with a hedge and, if so, what type of hedging should I plant?

August 14, 2020

An established hedge will not blow down in the wind like a fence, it does not need painting, won’t go rotten and will last a lifetime if trimmed regularly.  Most hedges only need to be pruned once a year and if they are kept to the same height as a fence panel, i.e. 6ft, they […]

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